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Atkinson, Hamill & Barrowclough, P.C. Prosecutes Claims Against Unfair Trade Practices

Unfair or deceptive trade practices can seriously harm competing businesses. If your business has been victimized by a devious competitor or former employee, the law provides remedies. Atkinson, Hamill & Barrowclough, P.C. represents businesses whose rights and business  has been infringed upon by unscrupulous individuals and business entities.  Areas of our representation include:

  • Cybersquatting
  • False or deceptive advertising
  • False claims of sponsorship, approval or affiliation
  • Unauthorized use of logos, trademarks and business names
  • Breaches of restrictive covenants
  • Theft of trade secrets
  • Tortuous interference
  • Trade defamation/libel
  • Trade name or trademark infringement
  • Misappropriation of a name or likeness

Legal remedies are available

Unfair trade practices are regulated by federal and state law. If the unfair trade practice can be proven, your remedies may include:

  • Actual damages. Monetary losses you can prove
  • Statutory damages. Minimum amounts provided by law regardless of proof of actual damages
  • Treble damages. Applicable federal or state law may allow courts to triple the damage award to further discourage unfair trade
  • Punitive damages. Additional monetary award meant to punish the defendant for his dishonesty
  • Attorney’s fees. Recovery of fees may be available for some claims
  • Injunctive Relief. To stop the unfair practice

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